Hello, my name is Lonnie Rae.

Lonnie Rae is a healthcare professional with a passion for underserved populations, human rights, and digital tools. During the third year of her MD/MBA program (MS3 at Boston University School of Medicine; Admit / Dean’s Fellow at Berkeley Haas School of Business), Lonnie created a program for medical entrepreneurship in collaboration with faculty from the BU School of Medicine and BU School of Business, and pursued a leave of absence in order to explore innovation in medicine.

Lonnie is a co-founder of Medal, whose mission is to enable a globally accessible and useful record of health. The Medal team has raised capital from leading investors and strategic partners including 8VC and Founders Fund.

Medal installs in under a minute and unlocks medical silos enabling secure seamless sharing of a patient’s medical data including physician notes and care summaries. Medal’s platform is compatible with a variety of open-source and privately-developed applications.